MRI NO2 Platinum Nitric Oxide, MRI CE2 Platinum Creatine

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NO2 Source - Information on MRI NO2 Nitric Oxide & CE2 Creatine

The MRI NO2 Nitric Oxide Story

MRI NO2® is the biggest innovation in sports nutrition since its creator, Ed Byrd, cofounder of EAS®, introduced creatine back in 1993.  NO2, the Growth Enhancing Hemodilator™, generates nitric oxide to boost functional muscle strength, to provide full body recovery and to supercharge nutrient uptake into muscle cells.  All while reducing inflammation.  Plus, you get what’s being referred to in gyms across America as the “Perpetual Pump.”

MRI NO2 is the first of an exciting new category of muscle-enhancers known as hemodilators®. NO2 has the unique ability to perpetually sustain the flow of muscle-building agents to skeletal muscle.

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10 Reasons You Need MRI NO2

Creates a "Perpetual Pump"
Stop leaving your pump in the gym! Thanks to its patented extended-delivery technology - pHylex9 - MRI NO2 amplifies and sustains blood flow to your skeletal muscles for up to 16 hours every day. That's why with NO2, you get pumped and stay pumped.

Enables Complete Full Body Muscle Recovery
Before MRI NO2, your recovery time was limited to half an hour after your workout. NO2's continual blood surge floods your muscles with the vital nutrients they need to recover and grow all day long. And all your muscles recover - not just the large ones!

Increases Muscle Twitch Strength
Want to pound out some extra reps? How about whole extra sets? You can. MRI NO2 makes your fast-twitch fibers respond faster. At the same time it "trains" your slow-twitch fibers to react more like fast-twitch. And only NO2 can do this!

Cell-signaling for Forced Muscle Growth
MRI NO2 gives bodybuilders and serious athletes the ability to build muscle virtually around the clock. NO2 triggers the body's muscle-building cell-signaling mechanism, and keeps it activated throughout the entire day. How? By creating a continuous supply of the cell-signaling molecule nitric oxide present in the skeletal muscles.

Re-calibrates, and Increases, "Set Point" for Muscle Mass
With MRI NO2, you keep the muscle you worked so hard for. NO2 recalibrates and increases your body's natural "set-point" for lean mass. That's why if you stop taking NO2, there's no "backward slide." You keep the majority of gains you made! NOTE: Unlike creatine monohydrate, there is no need to cycle off NO2.

Increase Endurance Index (EI)
Now you can hit the gym harder ñ†and last longer! Recent studies now show that keto-acids, like the ones you find in MRI NO2, delay fatigue and increase your Endurance Index (EI). In fact, many athletes are now reporting that taking NO2 gives them the kind of endurance they get when they train at high altitude and then race at sea level.

Burn Unwanted Fat
It's now official! MRI NO2 burns fat, And fast. New research indicates that at the same time nitric oxide signals the addition of new muscle fiber, it ignites the burning of fat through increased fatty acid oxidation in the mitochondria. (The mitochondria are the "powerhouses" inside your cells where all fat is burned and all energy produced.) Most bodybuilders report losing 4 - 5% body fat in the first 7 days. So with MRI NO2, you not only increase new muscle fiber, you also start adding cuts!

More Effective Than Creatine
MRI NO2 adds muscle fiber (unlike creatine, which causes your muscles to fill up with water) so your muscles appear rock hard, not soft and spongy.

The only NO2 with the pHylex9® Extended Delivery System
The only system that delivers regulated amounts for up to 16 hours for maximum absorption.

Great for "Hard Gainers" and Long Time Body Builders Alike
How long did it take you to put on the last 7 Ibs of muscle? Six months? Longer? But that was before you got your hands on MRI NO2, of course. Now you can add your next 7 pounds in 21 days. And all for the price of one bottle of NO2!

MRI NO2 Platinum Nitric Oxide, MRI CE2 Platinum Creatine